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Because of the complexity of this Organization and “Because We Care” we have listed the wholly-owned subsidiaries of BC&ACI and what their function is so you may understand our company.

The Organization of Bakers Concepts and Affiliated Companies (LLC) DBA., BC&ACI Is legally classified as a Non-Denominational Christian-Based Management and Holding Company for all its wholly-owned entities listed below: 

BC&ACI Through its Wholly-Owned Subsidiaries, Wholly Owned Virtual Subsidiaries, Wholly Owned Divisions, Wholly Owned Ministries is one of the Largest Non-Denominational Christian-Based Direct Sales Co-Op Multi-Stream E-Commerce Companies worldwide. One Of The Largest Non-Denominational Christian Based Co-Op Wholesale to Retail Trading Companies, one of the Largest Christian Based Co-Op Outreach Ministries in the world of its kind. 

BC&ACI – The Organization of Bakers Concepts & Affiliated Companies – BC&ACI – (Corporate) 

BCMP – BC&ACI Marketplace (JV)  DBA, BCMP

Bakers Concepts Power Stores (JV) DBA., BCPS

BEI – Bakers Enterprises (GP) DBA. BEI 

BCAANI – Bakers Concepts Advertising & Affiliate Network (GP) DBA., BCAANI

BCHCNI – Bakers Concepts HealthCare Network (GP) DBA., BCHCNI

BCPSI – Bakers Concepts Powersports (GP) DBA., BCPSI 

BCLNI – Bakers Concepts Legal Network (GP) DBA., BCLNI

BCRNI – Bakers Concepts Recruiting Network (GP) DBA., BCRNI

BCMN –     Bakers Concepts Modeling Network (GP) DBA., BCMN

BCLGS – Bakers Concepts Lead Generation Network (GP) DBA., BCLGS

BCPN – Bakers Concepts Property and Investment Network (GP) DBA, BCPINI 

BCSYN- Bakers Concepts Synthetic Lubricants (GP) DBA., BCSYN

BCSI – Bakers Concepts Solutions (GP) DBA., BCSI

BCTN – Bakers Concepts Worldwide  Travel and  Transportation Network (GP) DBA., BCWTTN 

BCMI – Bakers Concepts Ministries  (GP) DBA., BCMI


Bakers Concepts Consulting Group (GP) DBA., BCCGI is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Organization of Bakers Concepts & Affiliated Companies LLC DBA., BC&ACI which was founded in 1995 by Daniel Baker as a door-to-door sales company in Duxbury, Massachusetts.

BC&ACI with the assistance of a group of Daniel Baker’s personal and professional advisors who came from many diverse backgrounds and professional talents and are very invested in his life. These individuals, businesses, and non-profits collectively form a group of professional and personal “BC&ACI Advisors within BC&ACI”.  

BCCGI was founded on the principal that buying wholesale and selling retail is the biggest profit margin in the wholesale to retail business.

This site is an ELITE site and is for Ministries, Businesses, and Mom-Pop shops who want to purchace bulk liquidations and or seek an interenational broker to get products and services in bulk for Ministry, business, and or personal use.

This site is also intended for those interested in bulk liquidations as a NEW business model for an existing business and or adding Bulk Liquidations as a “BC&ACI Virtual Franchise” in an existing business.

BCCGI is collectively owned by Senior Pastor, Founder, CEO, President, and Co-Chief Financial Officer  Daniel Baker and Marcy Rios-Baker Co-Founder, Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Executive Administrator. 

BCCGI is collectively operated by The BC&ACI Corporate Business Executives, i.e., Pastor Edward Forse and Holly Sallop, and BC&ACI Contractual Independent Contractors in all Organizational Units Across BC&ACI worldwide. 

​BC&ACI, established in January of 1995 as a door-to-door sales company, transformed during the dot com boom in America and became one of the largest online Non-Denominational Christian-based Home-based Corporations in America. 

The Organization of Bakers Concepts and Affiliated Companies LLC., DBA BC&ACI is Non-Denominational executive management and holding company for its wholly-owned subsidiaries, wholly-owned virtual subsidiaries, and for-profit ministries.

BC&ACI, through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, wholly-owned virtual subsidiaries, is a Non-Denominational Christian-based multi-stream, direct sales, e-commerce company marketing consumable and non-consumable products through its wholly-owned subsidiaries wholly-owned virtual subsidiaries, and wholly-owned divisions worldwide.

BC&ACI, through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, is one of the largest Non-Denominational Christian-based wholesale to retail companies specializing in online wholesale to retail trade worldwide.

​BC&ACI collectively markets both consumable and non-consumable goods and services to businesses, nonprofits, and the general public. BC&ACI collectively through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, wholly-owned virtual subsidiaries, wholly-owned divisions, and wholly-owned ministry markets on behalf of multiple INC., Fortune, well-known public and private companies through affiliate marketing, direct sales, door-to-door marketing, drop shipping, e-commerce, and network marketing.

Today BC&ACI works with many worldwide suppliers marketing products and services worldwide and ministering to the world “The Good News of the Gospel” through its wholly-owned for-profit ministry Bakers Concepts Ministry DBA., BCMI.

As a Non-Denominational Christian-based company, our focus extends beyond our business models. At BC&ACI, we believe that our leadership and expertise are shared within the communities we live, work with, and minister.

BC&ACI, as a Non-Denominational Christian-based company, encourages independent entrepreneurs’ development through our extensive community, statewide, online, and individual programs that develop leaders within our communities and the company BC&ACI and its wholly-owned subsidiaries. Creating what we refer to as our “BC&ACI Alternative Employment program.” 

The “BC&ACI Alternative Employment Program” at BC&ACI is one of the top sought-after Non-Denominational Christian-based programs worldwide for online entrepreneurs alternative employment.”

Through time-proven methods of creating success in Non-Denominational Christian-based direct sales multi-stream eCommerce marketing, business, and ministry. We aim to change lives by adapting Biblical/Christian Principals, Foundation Principals, Financial Principals, Success Principals in your personal, business life, and ministry. 

Through the power of God and our Christian Based teaching in how to effectively administer a Christian Based ministry, business, and how to conduct your life from a Christian perspective through education and empowerment, we at BC&ACI aim to build and create Spiritual and Financial Dreams.

Our mission at BC&ACI is to distribute name-brand consumable, non-consumable products and services to both consumers and businesses through:

•Affiliate marketing

•Direct sales marketing

•Drop shipping

•E-commerce marketing

•Network marketing

•Party Plan Marketing 

•Wholesale to retail trade worldwide

BC&ACI encourages you to visit our online marketplace and explore our companies. We look forward to servicing your needs…

BC&ACI Organizational Management Statement:

​The Organization of Bakers Concepts and Affiliated Companies DBA., BC&ACI are collectively administered by a group of Contractual Independent Contractors otherwise known as Corporate Business Executives who believe and live The BC&ACI Vision, BC&ACI Mission, and The BC&ACI Core Beliefs. These individuals live by Christian Principals, Success Principals, Foundational Principals, and Financial Principals. All these principles on which BC&ACI is founded.

All content appearing on this Website is the property of The Organization of Bakers Concepts and Affiliated Companies (LLC) and all its wholly-owned subsidiaries, wholly-owned virtual subsidiaries, wholly-owned divisions, and parts of its wholly-owned ministry.

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